Nuovo sito per il gusto della birra

The business itself was formed in 2011, but the work actually began in 2004 when I produced my first home made beer. Like many companies in this field, Goodfellow’s Brewing Company began inadvertently and innocently enough when my wife bought me a home brewing “kit” for $14.00 at a Massachusetts discount retailer. The beer that came from that kit ultimately went down the drain, but my fascination in the process of creating beer, perfecting my skills as a brewer, and launching Goodfellow’s Brewing Company only grew over time. I have always enjoyed sharing my beer, and now Lisa and I wish to share our experiences and products with my community. Our 3 BBL “nanobrewery” and 1 BBL pilot system ensure small batch quality and freshness from every glass.

All of Goodfellow’s Brewing Company’s award-winning recipes are meticulously designed to taste delicious and to be consistent. They are the result of my passion to create them for you to enjoy. Lisa and I have spent years using our own version of “scientific methods” to guide us – theory and research, practical application, taste test, refine, record, repeat. Our beer represents products we love, and hope that you will love as well. We feel an immense pride in our sustainable and environmentally responsible brewing process, our community, and our friends and family.

goodfellow's brewingGoodfellow’s Brewing 2011 business partnership with Frugal Endeavors Farm of Lakeville completes my vision of forming a brewing company that is all about local beer, made from local ingredients, for local consumers. 2012 should be a magical year for Goodfellow’s Brewing Company and Frugal Endeavors Farm. Two Lakeville families will combine efforts to bring the Southcoast some of the freshest and finest beer available.

John Goodfellow

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