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Email marketing is a preferred marketing method among small businesses, eCommerce companies, entrepreneurs and marketing specialists in the current technological age. It provides a way to reach an abundance of established and potential customers efficiently. Even more so, it allows business professionals to regain lost customers/clients.

In many ways, email marketing campaigns are a certain path to gain exposure, sales, profits and additional success. Unfortunately, many marketers have inadvertently turned a marketing gold mine into a missed opportunity. The reason is often the result of being flagged by email providers as “spam”, or having individuals categorize your company newsletters as spam.

Does Your Email Marketing Campaign Mimic Spam?

If your email marketing campaign is in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, your newsletters will more than likely be marked as Spam. In order to prevent noncompliance, you’ll need to set in place, and follow, a specific email policy. All company email correspondence must offer an opt-out link. Additionally, newsletters should be sent in appropriately spaced time intervals. It is recommended to send one per week at the most, and every other week is even better.

Cleaning Up Your Newsletters

A few simple guidelines can ensure that your newsletters bypass the spam folder all together, thereby remaining in the inbox where they may eventually be read. Include a catchy title, which is clear with intent. In other words, you want your title to catch the attention of the intended reader. However, you also want them to know exactly what is contained within the email newsletter through the title. Be sure to avoid spam text-based identifiers, such as free, claim, immediately, act now, or don’t miss, as these are often identified by email providers as spam.

Providing a Value to Your Email List

Beyond all the technical do’s and don’ts, the best way to prevent being thrown into the spam box, is to provide your newsletter recipients with some form of value. This could be an intriguing story that’s currently trending, a quality article that’s filled with tips or valuable instructions. You can also simply insert a fun article that adds entertainment value. After crafting your newsletter, take a moment to read it. If it’s not valuable to you, then more than likely the recipients of your newsletter won’t find any value either.

The Bottom Line

To avoid spam filters and manual spam marking, don’t over email your contact list. You’ll also want to make sure that you always include an opt-out link. Additionally, you need to avoid spam identifier words. Finally, and possibly the most important, create smart titles that open up to a valuable newsletter. That’s the bottom line to staying out of the spam folder.

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